Who are we?

Short answer: Imagery Concepts, LLC was an affiliate of Metro Systems founded in 1961. Through the 60's and 70's Metro thrived as a computer processing company and during the 80's, it evolved into a software developer. When the 90's hit, a paperless environment was the hot topic in the business world, but with document imaging systems priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, this technology was only practical for very large companies. Recognizing the untapped business potential created by the vast number of small to medium sized businesses, Imagery Concepts was born. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable and easy-to-use document management software for businesses and homeowners. Software development began in late 1997. Imagery Concepts, LLC is rapidly establishing itself in business and home document retrieval and storage.

The rest of the story: Over the years, the emphasis of our mission has evolved from software to protection. At the request of Canon Computer Systems, we scaled down our larger FilePic document imaging system and created a smaller consumer version named Home Organizer. One thing led to another, and Canon introduced us the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). At their request, we created the first ever Digital ID for kids! The m.i.l.k. (Managing Information on Lost Kids) Digital ID helps parents in the event their child is lost or missing. Protecting children progressed to protecting other family members and pets and then on to protecting valuables. Details of our products and services are available on this website.

What about our work?

We offer a software solution designed to help protect family members, pets and belongings. Our corporate clients utilize this product to help build relationships with their clients and prospects.

What services do we offer?

Our expertise is in the field of client and prospect relations. We can help with retention, business to business opportunities, leads generation and community involvement. No longer exclusive to large corporations, Main Street Marketing now brings these proven methods to both the large company and the small business owner.

Got you hooked? Get in touch!

Once again, we have a variety of products and services with our overall theme being protection for your family, your pets, your valuables. Home Organizer has been designed to help protect, educate and organize. With this central mission, you can see why our cause-based marketing program - Main Street Marketing - can help you (or your company) become a community leader. Please contact us by completing the form below and submitting your contact information and questions. Whether its sofware or services, we are here to help. Thank you!

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